Nutrition - Food glorious food

Each nursery provides a healthy and nutritionally balanced menu with the emphasise on homemade cooking using local, seasonal produce.

Menus are displayed in the notice boards or hall ways. Each nursery has a hugely experienced cook who can cater for any additional dietary need on request. We ensure all of our cooks attend the tiny tums healthy eating scheme.
Breakfast we provide options such as porridge, toast, crumpets or cereal.

Lunch is a homemade nutritional meal followed by a pudding, examples of lunches include, chicken dinner, sausage casserole and fisherman’s pie. Puddings range from homemade scones, jam and cream to fresh fruit.

Water is available all day for the younger children and accessible for the older children throughout the day.

As per welsh government guidelines we provide a small snack in the afternoon to keep your child going until tea time at home. We provide bread sticks, dips, beans on toasts and much more.

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